High-voltage nanosecond conditioning of the microchannel plate-screen vacuum gap

2019-10-10 12:57:25

screen gap conditioning vacuum microchannel

责任者: Emelyanov, A.A. 单位: Fac. of Gen. Eng., Kazakh Nat. Tech. Univ., Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan 来源出处: Instruments and Experimental Techniques(Instrum. Exp. Tech. (USA)),1996/11/,39(6):837-9 摘要: The experimental data on conditioning of the vacuum gap between the microchannel plate (MCP) and the screen of an image amplifier are presented. Conditioning is executed with high-voltage pulses of nanosecond duration and results in a decrease in the dark currents by 1-2.5 orders of magnitude, the elimination of the emission centers on the MCP output surface, and an increased voltage of arising local glow on the screen up to two operating voltages (10 kV). The efficiency of conditioning rises with overvoltage across the gap and with a decrease in the pulse duration 关键词: electric strength;fluorescent screens;microchannel plates;vacuum breakdown;microchannel plate-screen vacuum gap;HV nanosecond conditioning;image amplifier;dark current decrease;emission centers elimination;local glow;conditioning efficiency;overvoltage dependence;fluorescent screen;breakdown strength;volt-ampere characteristics;10 kV