High-resolution lithography with near-field optical microscopy

2019-10-10 12:42:35

optical field conventional lithography microscopy

责任者: Naber, A.;Kock, H.;Fuchs, H. 单位: Phys. Inst., Munster, Germany 来源出处: Scanning(Scanning (USA)),1996/11/,18(8):567-71 摘要: Scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) is used for lithography to avoid the resolution limiting diffraction of conventional optical methods. We have expanded a commercial SNOM for writing even complex structures on the nanometer scale. Scanning near-field optical lithography (SNOL) has been applied to conventional resists to explore its potential and the possible combination with conventional optical lithography (mix and match technique) 关键词: nanotechnology;optical microscopy;photolithography;scanning near-field optical microscopy;complex structures;nanometer scale;scanning near-field optical lithography;conventional resists;high-resolution lithography