Direct observation of C3N4 single crystal by scanning electron microscopy

2019-10-10 11:31:53

scanning electron bias C3N4 microscopy

责任者: Yan Chen;Liping Guo;Wang, E.G. 单位: Inst. of Phys., Acad. Sinica, Beijing, China 来源出处: Modern Physics Letters B(Mod. Phys. Lett. B (Singapore)),1996/06/10,10(13):615-17 摘要: We report the first experimental observation of C3N4 single crystals, which are about tens nanometers to several micrometers in length and hundreds nanometers in across, by scanning electron microscopy. The pure crystalline C-N solids with α- and β-phases were grown on nickel substrates by bias-assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition (bias-HFCVD). Our experimental results are in very good agreement with recent first principles calculations 关键词: carbon compounds;plasma CVD;scanning electron microscopy;thin films;single crystals;scanning electron microscopy;β-phase;α-phase;Ni substrates;bias-assisted hot filament CVD;C3N4;Ni