The dynamics of formation, parameters, and structure of a gas-plasma flame forme

2019-10-10 10:58:00

gas beam plasma ion targets

责任者: Altukhov, D.E.;Boiko, V.I.;Shamanin, I.V.;Yushitsin, K.V. 单位: Tomsk Polytech. Univ., Russia 来源出处: High Temperature(High Temp. (Russia)),1996/05/,34(3):335-42 摘要: The main parameters are derived, which characterize the dynamics of gas-plasma flames that form when powerful pulsed ion beams of nanosecond duration affect metal targets. Both foil and “semi-infinite” targets are treated, as well as medium and high power densities of beams. Numerical and experimental investigation techniques are used 关键词: ion beam effects;metals;plasma diagnostics;plasma production;plasma properties;formation dynamics;structure;gas-plasma flame;metal;pulsed ion beam;parameters;foil targets;semi-infinite targets;numerical investigation;experimental investigation