Nanosecond air-discharge light source using an automobile spark-plug

2019-10-10 10:50:01

discharge light pulse lifetime duration

责任者: Komatsu, T.;Itami, S.;Yasui, T.;Araki, T. 单位: Dept. of Mech. Eng., Tokushima Univ., Japan 来源出处: Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokushima(Bull. Fac. Eng. Univ. Tokushima (Japan)),1996//,(41):55-9 摘要: We developed a maintenance free, nanosecond, air discharge pulse lamp using an automobile spark-plug. Two plugs were used as the electrodes. The discharge gap can be adjusted to obtain an optimum pulse waveform. High-repetition, short duration pulses (repetition=1-2 kHz, duration=1-2 ns, light power=1-1.5 W) were generated from this lamp. The practical lifetime of the electrodes was 4×108 discharge shots that correspond to about 110 hrs running at repetition frequency of 1 kHz. Appreciable heterogeneities on the distribution of emission intensity and its timing were observed along the discharge gap. This indicated that use of a spatial window for the gap was effective to decrease the pulse duration of light. To evaluate the potential of the proposed lamp as an excitation source, the fluorescence lifetime of a quinine sulfate (1 ppm) solution was measured 关键词: electrodes;fluorescence;light sources;spark gaps;sparks;nanosecond air-discharge light source;automobile spark-plug;maintenance free;optimum pulse waveform;short duration pulses;electrode lifetime;repetition frequency;emission intensity distribution;spatial window;pulse duration;excitation source;fluorescence lifetime;quinine sulfate;1 to 2 kHz;1 to 1.5 W;1 to 2 ns