Isolated submicrometer filaments formed by silicon anodization in HF solutions

2019-10-10 09:29:10

The formation silicon submicrometer filaments

责任者: Teschke, O.;Scares, D.M. 单位: Inst. de Fisica, Univ. Estadual de Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 来源出处: Journal of the Electrochemical Society(J. Electrochem. Soc. (USA)),1996/05/,143(5):100-2 摘要: Porous silicon nanocolumn formation is the result of the merging of nearest-neighbor nanopores. In this paper we describe isolated submicrometer filaments formed by silicon anodization in HF solutions. The merging of nearest-neighbor pores may result in the formation of isolated submicrometer silicon filaments. The filament formation is explained by a model which takes into account filament wall layer passivation by hydrogen atoms. The formation of one isolated wire structure is a consequence of the pore diameter enlargement resulting from the available area decrease with etching time 关键词: anodisation;elemental semiconductors;etching;nanostructured materials;passivation;porous materials;silicon;Si;anodization;submicrometer filaments;porous nanocolumn formation;passivation;pore diameter;etching time