New method of ultra-thin film characterization applied to the investigation of C

2019-10-08 11:30:19

heat films Ni solid ray

责任者: Zheludeva, S.I.;Kovalchuk, M.V.;Novikova, N.N.;Sosphenov, A.N.;Malysheva, N.E.;Salashenko, N.N.;Akhsakhalyan, A.D.;Platonov, Yu.Yu.;Cernik, R.I.;Colli 单位: A.V. Shubnikov Inst. of Crystallogr., Acad. of Sci., Moscow, Russia 来源出处: Thin Solid Films(Thin Solid Films (Switzerland)),1995/04/15,259(2):131-8 摘要: A new technique for measuring the thickness and density of ultra-thin films has been developed. Films of the order of tens of angstroms have been studied by using a combination of X-ray standing waves generated in layered synthetic microstructures (LSM) and near-total external fluorescence study. The technique has been used to study C/Ni/C trilayers (deposited on Cr/C and W/C LSM) under heat load. It was found that variation on Ni and C layer parameters at elevated temperatures is affected primarily by the deposition conditions 关键词: carbon;density measurement;nanostructured materials;nickel;thickness measurement;thin films;X-ray diffraction;X-ray fluorescence analysis;X-ray reflection;nanostructures;superlattices;X ray diffraction;X ray total reflection analysis;ultrathin film characterization;X ray standing waves;heat loaded multilayer structures;C-Ni-C