Phonon contribution to the noise of a one-channel Landauer resistor

2019-10-07 17:48:06

channel noise semiconductor shot phonon

责任者: Gurevich, V.L.;Rudin, A.M. 单位: Div. of Solid State Phys., A.F. Ioffe Inst., St. Petersburg, Russia 来源出处: JETP Letters(JETP Lett. (USA)),1995/07/10,62(1):12-17 摘要: We devise a theory of shot noise in semiconductor nanowires under conditions of phonon-assisted quasiballistic transport. A general expression for the noise spectral density is derived and used to investigate particular cases of interest. For low temperatures, a remarkable threshold effect for the noise is predicted 关键词: electron-phonon interactions;interface states;Landau levels;semiconductor device noise;semiconductor quantum wires;shot noise;one-channel Landauer resistor;shot noise;semiconductor nanowires;phonon-assisted quasiballistic transport;threshold effect