Photogeneration of sound in a system of thermally insulated CdS microcrystals in

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CdS thermally microcrystals Photoacoustic insulated

责任者: Blonskii, I.V.;Brodin, M.S.;Piryatinskii, Yu.P.;Telbiz, G.M.;Tkhorik, V.A.;Tomchuk, P.I.;Filin, A.G. 单位: Inst. of Phys., Acad of Sci., Kiev, Ukraine 来源出处: Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics(J. Exp. Theor. Phys. (USA)),1995/05/,80(5):939-45 摘要: The nature of the photoacoustic response of CdS microcrystals synthesized in voids in zeolites was studied. Anomalously high sound-generation efficiency was observed, for the first time, in CdS/Y-zeolite samples irradiated with nanosecond laser pulses. A theory which takes into account the characteristics of the thermoelastic process in a system of thermally insulated semiconductor microcrystals was developed. The results of the investigations of photoacoustic spectra with harmonic modulation of the light flux as well as time-resolved photoluminescence spectra are presented. These results indicate that CdS percolation clusters are formed in Y-zeolite 关键词: cadmium compounds;II-VI semiconductors;laser beam effects;percolation;photoacoustic effect;photoluminescence;thermoelasticity;photogeneration;thermally insulated CdS microcrystals;photoacoustic response;voids;sound-generation efficiency;nanosecond laser pulses;thermoelastic process;thermally insulated semiconductor microcrystals;harmonic modulation;time-resolved photoluminescence spectra;CdS percolation clusters;Y-zeolite;CdS