Resonant optical phonon generation in nanowires

2019-10-06 20:36:48

energy optical rate generation phonon

责任者: Gurevich, V.L.;Pevzner, V.B.;Iafrate, G. 单位: Solid State Phys. Div., A.F. Ioffe Inst., St. Petersburg, Russia 来源出处: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter(J. Phys., Condens. Matter. (UK)),1995/08/14,7(33):445-50 摘要: We investigate a new type of resonant behaviour in the 1D hot-electron ballistic transport in nanostructures. The resonances are manifested by sharp increases in the rate of optical phonon generation and are accompanied by sharp drops in the overall current. They occur whenever the separation between a pair of levels of transverse quantization is equal to the energy of an optical phonon, ℏω0, and a condition for generation of optical phonons eV>ℏω0, is met, where V is the voltage bias across the conductor. We calculate the rate of energy transfer from the electrons to phonons. The ratio between the decrease in electric current power and the rate of energy transfer from electrons to phonons appears to be linearly proportional to the voltage bias 关键词: electron-phonon interactions;high field effects;nanostructured materials;semiconductor quantum wires;resonant optical phonon generation;nanowires;1D hot-electron ballistic transport;nanostructures;sharp increases;optical phonon generation rate;sharp drops;transverse quantization;level pairs separation;energy transfer rate;electron-phonon interactions;electric current power decrease;voltage bias