Carbon nanocapsules grown on carbon fibers

2019-10-06 17:02:07

carbon electron Capsule Japan nanocapsules

责任者: Kusunoki, M.;Ikuhara, Y.;Kon, J. 单位: Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Nagoya, Japan 来源出处: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1 (Regular Papers Short Notes)(Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 1, Regul. Pap. Short Notes (Japan)),1995/03/,34(3):1610-14 摘要: Carbon nanocapsules grown on pitch-based carbon fibers were investigated by high-resolution electron microscopy. It was found that they were formed during heating up to 2000°C in 1 atm N2 gas. Two types of nanocapsules were found: one was a capsule enclosing a CaS single crystal and the other was a cubic hollow capsule. The growth mechanism of these carbon nanocapsules was discussed by comparing the structures of particles formed at several temperatures 关键词: carbon;electron microscopy;fullerenes;nanostructured materials;C nanocapsules;pitch-based C fibers;high-resolution electron microscopy;CaS single crystal;cubic hollow capsule;C;CaS