Optical switching and inversionless amplification controlled by state-dependent

2019-09-29 05:31:42

state electromagnetic molecules dependent physics

责任者: Popov, A.K.;Slabko, V.V. 单位: Department of Physics and Astronomy and Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI 54481, United States 来源出处: Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics,2005,38(11):1787-1796 摘要: Switching anisotropic molecules from strongly absorbing to strongly amplifying through a transparent state is shown to be possible by the application of dc or ac control electric fields without the requirement of population inversion. It is based on decoupling of the lower level molecules from the resonant light while the excited ones remain emitting due to their state-dependent alignment. The amplification index may become dependent only on a number of excited molecules and not on the population of the lower state. A suitable class of molecules and applications in optoelectronics, fibreoptics and nanophotonics are outlined. © 2005 IOP Publishing Ltd. 关键词: Molecular dynamics;Amplification;Electric fields;Optoelectronic devices;Fiber optics;Quantum electronics;Electromagnetic wave interference;Anisotropy;Electromagnetic wave attenuation;Light polarization;Integral equations;Vectors;Probability;Resonant light;Amplification index;Nanophotonics;Nonlinear interference effects (NIE)