Photovoltaic roadmaps in Japan, Korea and China

2019-09-23 15:08:28

PV energy photovoltaic Japan Korea

责任者: Anon 单位: 来源出处: III-Vs Review,2005,18(7):32-34 摘要: Plans for the development of photovoltaic (PV) technology by Japan, Korea, and China are studied. In Japan, the supply of silicon feedstock is a major concern to PV manufacturers, where Sharp Corp. has been working on reducing the thickness of crystalline silicon wafers. In Korea, effective utilization of the existing infrastructure of semiconductor devices and a flat panel display will be a major factor for the successful implementation of its PV roadmap. The validity of numerical targets, given in various PV roadmaps have to be accessed with reference to the growth and development of other sources of energy such as nuclear, geothermal, wind power, bio-energy, and hydrogen nanotechnology. 关键词: Nanotechnology;Photovoltaic effects;Silicon wafers;Crystalline materials;Semiconductor devices;Wind power;Crystalline silicon wafers;Photovoltaic technology;Bio-energy;Hydrogen nanotechnology