Tungsten nanocrystals embedded in high- k materials for memory application

2019-09-22 23:02:55

voltage tungsten nanocrystals oxide NCS

责任者: Samanta, S.K.;Yoo, Won Jong;Samudra, Ganesh;Tok, Eng Soon;Bera, L.K.;Balasubramanian, N. 单位: 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters,2005,87(11):113110- 摘要: The formation of tungsten nanocrystals (W-NCs) on atomic-layer-deposited HfAlO Al2 O3 tunnel oxide was demonstrated for application in a memory device. It was found that the density and size distribution of W-NCs are not only controlled by the initial film thickness, annealing temperature, and time, but also by the metaltunnel oxide interface structure. Well-isolated W-NCs with an average diameter of 5 nm and a surface density of 5× 1011 cm-2 were obtained by applying a thin Al2 O3 wetting layer onto HfAlO tunneling oxide. A large flatband voltage shift of 5.7 V was observed from capacitance-voltage measurement when a bias voltage up to ±4 V was applied. © 2005 American Institute of Physics. 关键词: Tungsten;Nanostructured materials;Potassium;Electric potential;Oxides;Wetting;Tunneling oxide;Tungsten nanocrystals