Joint conference of the electrochemical societies of the United States and Japan

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The electrochemical Japan states United

责任者: Baturina, O.A. 单位: 来源出处: Russian Journal of Electrochemistry,2005,41(6):692-694 摘要: The Joint Conference of the Electrochemical Societies of the United States and Japan, which was held in Honolulu from October 3-8, 2004 is discussed. The conference included 46 symposia on the subjects which largely pertained to the problems of applied electrochemistry. The plenary lecture Innovative Challenges of Bioelectronics was presented by Prof. M. Aizawa, President of the Tokyo Institute of Technology who had won the 2003 Electrochemical Society Award for outstanding of the sensor technology. A lecture on the composite approach to the formation of membrane offers a possibility for optimizing their mechanical and conduction properties, was also presented. 关键词: Electrochemistry;Polyamides;Fuel cells;Cell culture;Lithium batteries;Thermodynamic stability;Catalysts;Nanostructured materials;Fullerenes;Protons;Proton conductivity;Hydrogen fuel cells;Electrochemical Societies of United States and Japan;High temperature catalysts