Japan-made design tools come to U.S

2019-09-22 05:15:07

design 2005 EDA Japan Ader

责任者: Goering, Richard 单位: 来源出处: Electronic Engineering Times,2005,(1369):1-24 摘要: Rick Ader has lauched a startup that will try to reverse a 20-year trend by bringing Japanese design automation technology into the U.S. market, after working in Japan as a chip designer and later selling EDA software from U.S. companies there. The Japanese have created some good technology that should be made available here, such as the GDSII viewer that his company Laflin Ltd., is starting to sell, according to Rick Ader. Ader and his brother Larry, a 20-year veteran of chip design and EDA, launched Laflin earlier in 2005 in Portland, Ore. Its first product is Hotscope, a GDSII, Oasis and Mebes data viewer developed by photomask giant Dai Nippon Printing in Japan. 关键词: Computer aided software engineering;Microprocessor chips;Systems analysis;Societies and institutions;Automation;Reduced instruction set computing;Marketing;Problem solving;Nanometer design;Toshiba Corp (CO);Seiko Instruments (CO);Hotscope;Chip design