Tooling up for nano success: Gabriel Aeppli

2019-09-21 14:42:29

processing quantum nanotechnology Aeppli

责任者: Wood, Jonathan 单位: 来源出处: Materials Today,2005,8(5):68- 摘要: The work undertaken by Aeppli in the field of nanotechnology was presented. Once challenge reflected in Aepplis research is on the applications of nanotechnologies in biomedicine, which aims to develop more sophisticated analytical tools that could be introduced in daily life. The other large focus of Aepplis work centers on quantum magnetism and quantum information processing (QIP), which involve the exploitation of the quantum mechanical properties of matter at the nanoscale. Aeppli and coworkers at the London Centre of Nanotechnology (LCN) are also working to demonstrate quantum computing in solid-state systems at high-temperature. 关键词: Nanotechnology;Quantum theory;Molecular biology;Photons;DNA;Program diagnostics;Proteins;Semiconductor materials;Data processing;Magnetism;Tissue;Solar cells;Fuel cells;Magnetoresistance;London Centre of Nanotechnology (LCN);Quantum information processing (QIP);Nanometer scales;Quantum bits;Quantum magnetism