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责任者: Withers, Neil 单位: 来源出处: Chemistry World,2005,2(6):26- 摘要: The development of a nanocapsules by the chemists from the Hiroshima University Japan is discussed. The nanocapsule has two cavitand molecules bound to silver ions to form the top and bottom parts and has an internal cavity with a volume of around 580 A3. Chemists have found a variety of similar aromatic compounds strongly fitted to the host cavity, due to the complementary shape of the guest molecules as well as hydrogen bonding interactions. When mixtures of benzoic acid and acetic or propanoic acid were added to the complex, dimers with the acetic acid only were selectively formed inside the cavity. This offers the encapsulation of specific pairs of molecules from mixtures. 关键词: Aromatic compounds;Nanostructured materials;Silver;Ions;Hydrogen bonds;Carboxylic acids;Dimers;Supramolecular chemistry;Mixtures;Encapsulation;Nanocapsules;Hiroshima University, Japan;Propanoic acid;Benzoic acid