Acoustic modes and elastic properties of polymeric nanostructures

2019-09-18 18:35:17

spectra nanostructures modes phonon nanolines

责任者: Hartschuh, R.D.;Kisliuk, A.;Novikov, V.;Sokolov, A.P.;Heyliger, P.R.;Flannery, C.M.;Johnson, W.L.;Soles, C.L.;Wu, W.-L. 单位: Department of Polymer Science, University of Akron, Akron, OH 44325 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters,2005,87(17):173121- 摘要: Phonon spectra of polymeric linear nanostructures have been characterized using Brillouin light scattering. In addition to phonon modes similar to those present in uniform thin films, the phonon spectra of the nanolines reveal a new mode with a lower frequency that depends on the width of the nanolines. Classic wave theory and finite element analysis were combined to identify this new mode as a flexural vibration of the nanolines. Analysis of the phonon spectra gave estimates of elastic constants in the nanostructures and indicated that there is no significant deviation from bulk mechanical properties and no mechanical anisotropy in structures as small as 88 nm. © 2005 American Institute of Physics. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Acoustics;Phonons;Thin films;Brillouin scattering;Phonon modes;Mechanical anisotropy;Phonon spectra