Engineering aspects and applications of the new Raman instrumentation

2019-09-15 00:38:41

processing systems applications Raman instrumentation

责任者: Pitt, G.D.;Batchelder, D.N.;Bennett, R.;Bormett, R.W.;Hayward, I.P.;Smith, B.J.E.;Williams, K.P.J.;Yang, Y.Y.;Baldwin, K.J.;Webster, S. 单位: Renishaw Plc, Glos. GL12 7DW, United Kingdom 来源出处: IEE Proceedings: Science, Measurement and Technology,2005,152(6):241-318 摘要: Raman instrumentation design has improved radically in efficiency and ease of use over the past 15 years. New technologies made this possible with introduction of the first commercial high-efficiency (high speed) Raman systems incorporating low power lasers. Systems were introduced for the first time on production and process lines. Higher efficiency systems have continued to evolve, as a result of novel engineering solutions. Raman-near field optical systems and Raman-SEM (scanning electron microscopy) combinations have created a new area of nanoscale spectroscopic measurements. New application areas are: (a) semiconductor processing; (b) pharmaceutical drug processing; (c) gemology; (d) narcotic and explosives forensic detection; (e) coatings on computer hard disks and read heads; (f) endoscopic and Raman detection of oesophageal and other types of cancer. Comparisons are made with competing optical and alternative instrumentation techniques for general Raman work and the applications. © IEE, 2005. 关键词: Laser applications;Process engineering;Scanning electron microscopy;Tumors;Optical systems;Low power lasers;Semiconductor processing;Raman instrumentation