Analysis of the pressure-induced potential arising through composite membranes w

2019-09-13 21:08:40

layer potential membrane active filtration

责任者: Szymczyk, Anthony;Sbai, Mohammed;Fievet, Patrick 单位: Lab. de Chim. Des Mat. et Interfaces, Univ. de Franche-Comte, 25030 Besancon Cedex, France 来源出处: Langmuir,2005,21(5):1818-1826 摘要: When a pressure gradient is applied through a charged selective membrane, the transmembrane electrical potential difference, called the filtration potential, results from both the applied pressure and induced concentration difference across the membrane. In this work we investigate the electrokinetic properties relative to both active and support layers of a composite ceramic membrane close to the nanofiltration range. First, the volume charge density of the active layer is obtained by fitting a transport model to experimental rejection rates (which are controlled by the active layer only). Next, the value of the volume charge density is used to compute the theoretical filtration potential through the active layer. For sufficiently high permeate volume fluxes, the concentration difference across the active layer becomes constant, which allows assessing the membrane potential of the active layer. Experimental measurements of the overall filtration potential arising through the whole membrane are performed. The contribution of the support layer to this overall filtration potential is put in evidence. That implies that the membrane potential of the active layer cannot be deduced directly from the overall filtration potential measurements. Finally, the contribution of the support layer is singled out by subtracting the theoretical filtration potential of the active layer from the experimental filtration potential measured across the whole membrane (i.e., support + active layers). The amphoteric behavior of both layers is put in evidence, which is confirmed by electrophoretic measurements carried out with the powdered support layer and by recently reported tangential streaming potential measurements. © 2005 American Chemical Society anthony. 关键词: Osmosis membranes;Composite materials;Filtration;Ceramic materials;Electrophoresis;Electrolytes;Permittivity;Mathematical models;Composite membranes;Charge density;Charge selective membranes;Filtration potential