Hierarchic self-organization of J-aggregates in micrometer size discotic liquid

2019-09-13 08:05:57

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责任者: Karthaus, Olaf;Honma, Yoshihiro;Taguchi, Daisuke;Fujiwara, Yukihiro 单位: Ohitose Institute of Science and Technology, Chitose 066-8655, Japan 来源出处: e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology,2005,3():3- 摘要: Low molar mass liquid crystals formed dewetted island, or dome structures when cast from dilute solution on substrates. Hexaalkoxytriphenylene formed hexagonal micronsize islands when the cast film was slowly cooled from the isotropic state. Co-casting of cyanine dyes led to hierarchic structures of fluorophores in the center of the domes, and fluorescence microscopy and microspectrometry confirmed that cyanine J-aggregates were formed. © 2005 The Surface Science Society of Japan. 关键词: Liquid crystals;Dyes;Crystallization;Fluorescence;Photoluminescence;Solar cells;Nanostructured materials;Charge coupled devices;Cameras;Organic light emitting diode (OLED);Cyanine dyes;Diffusion and migration;J-aggregates;Nanostructure chemistry;Processing and fabrication;Aromatics