Target surface oxide layer formed by reactive sputtering of Ti target in Ar+O2 m

2019-09-12 17:43:43

Target layer thickness oxide sputtering

责任者: Abe, Yoshio;Takamura, Kenji;Kawamura, Midori;Sasaki, Katsutaka 单位: Department of Materials Science, Kitami Institute of Technology, Kitami 090-8507, Japan 来源出处: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films,2005,23(5):1371-1374 摘要: Reactive sputtering is one of the most widely used techniques for preparing compound thin films. In this study, a Ti model target, a 1 μm thick Ti film sputter deposited on a Si wafer, was used as the sputtering target. The thickness of the oxide layer formed on the surface of the model target after sputtering in an Ar+ O2 mixed gas atmosphere was measured by ellipsometry under various varying processing parameters including oxygen flow ratio, sputtering time, rf power, and total gas pressure. The oxide layer thickness was varied from a few nanometers to approximately 100 nm by changing the parameters, and a nonuniform oxide layer thickness was observed on the target surface. © 2005 American Vacuum Society. 关键词: Thin films;Titanium;Sputtering;Silicon wafers;Argon;Oxygen;Ellipsometry;Reactive sputtering;Rf power;Oxide layer thickness