Self-excitation in nanoelectromechanical charge shuttles below the field emissio

2019-09-11 22:34:21

field charge regime emission shuttle

责任者: Ruting, F.;Erbe, A.;Weiss, C. 单位: Fachbereich Physik, Universitat Konstanz, D-78457, Konstanz, Germany 来源出处: New Journal of Physics,2005,7():1-7 摘要: The behaviour of a nanomechanical electron shuttle for applied de-bias is investigated below the field emission regime. Simulations of the distribution of the electrical potential between the shuttling island and the leads show that field emission, which has recently been observed in a driven electron shuttle, can also play a role in the self-oscillating shuttle. For realistic experimental parameters of a silicon-based shuttle below the field emission regime, it is shown numerically that only one Coulomb step might be observable. © IOP Publishing Ltd and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. 关键词: Nanotechnology;Electromechanical devices;Electric charge;Electric excitation;Parameter estimation;Computer simulation;Field emission;Electron shuttle;Charge shuttles;Nanoelectromechanical charge