Integration of ferroelectric lead titanate nanoislands for direct hysteresis mea

2019-09-11 22:29:36

dielectric ferroelectric physics grains Aachen

责任者: Clemens, S.;Schneller, T.;Waser, R.;Rudiger, A.;Peter, F.;Kronholz, S.;Schmitz, T.;Tiedke, S. 单位: Institut fur Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik (IWE2), RWTH Aachen, D-52074 Aachen, Germany 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters,2005,87(14):142904- 摘要: We report on the integration of fully functional ferroelectric PbTi O3 nanostructures of typically less than 100 nm lateral extension into a low- k dielectric hydrogen silsesquioxane film. Chemical mechanical polishing of the dielectric layer down to an overall thickness below the nanoparticles height exposes the structures. After confirmation of the piezoelectricity of individual embedded grains, gold electrode pads are deposited to characterize several of these grains in parallel. Evidence of ferroelectric switching is observed and discussed within an equivalent circuit model. This paves the way to a better integration and statistical analysis of ferroelectric nanostructures. © 2005 American Institute of Physics. 关键词: Ferroelectric materials;Lead;Nanostructured materials;Dielectric properties;Polarization;Dielctric hydrogen;Embedded grains