Gold nanoparticle localization at the core surface by using thermosensitive core

2019-09-11 21:27:29

Gold particles core shell Thermosensitive

责任者: Suzuki, Daisuke;Kawaguchi, Haruma 单位: Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 223-8522, Japan 来源出处: Langmuir,2005,21(25):12016-12024 摘要: We report novel thermosensitive hybrid core-shell particles via in situ gold nanoparticle formation using thermosensitive core-shell particles as a template. This method for the in situ synthesis of gold nanoparticles with microgel interiors offers the advantage of eliminating or significantly reducing particle aggregation. In addition, by using thermosensitive microgel structures in which the shell has thermosensitive and gel properties in water-whereas the core itself is a water-insoluble polymer-we were able to synthesize the gold nanoparticles only at the surface of the core, which had reactive sites to bind metal ions. After the gold nanoparticles were synthesized, electroless gold plating was carried out to control the thickness of the gold nanoshells. The dispersions of the obtained hybrid particles were characterized by dynamic light scattering and UV-vis absorption spectroscopy, and the dried particles were also observed by electron microscopy. Adaptation of the technique shown here will create a number of applications as optical, electronic, and biomedical functional materials. © 2005 American Chemical Society. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Gold;Surface chemistry;Synthesis (chemical);Agglomeration;Gels;Light scattering;Ultraviolet spectroscopy;Absorption spectroscopy;Electron microscopy;Gold nanoparticles;Core-shell particles;Metal ions;Dynamic light scattering (DLS)