Your window to world-leading technologies - CEATEC 2005

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责任者: Nakamura, Kunio;Burns, Louis J.;Ando, Kunitake 单位: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Kadoma, Osaka, Japan 来源出处: IEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine,2005,21(3):58-59 摘要: CEATEC Japan, held 4-8 October 2005 at Makuhari Messe, provided a forum where IT industry leaders from Japan and around the world present powerful messages on such topics as technological development, market creation, and business management. Some of the major offerings include leading-edge mobile technologies, flat-panel-display televisions, next-generation data storage devices, and evolving car electronics. 关键词: Electronics industry;Exhibitions;Technical presentations;Information technology;Product development;Nanotechnology;Technological development;Market creation;Business management;International exhibition