Formation of BaSO4 whiskers in microemulsion

2019-09-10 00:54:07

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责任者: Iida, Shunichi;Shoji, Tomoko;Obatake, Namiko;Sato, Hiroshi;Ohgaki, Kazunari 单位: Division of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka 560-8531, Japan 来源出处: Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan,2005,38(5):357-359 摘要: Several shapes of BaSO4 particles were synthesized by the reaction of Ba(AOT)2 microemulsion with NaAOT microemulsion containing SO42- at differing [Ba2+]/ [SO42-] mole ratios. BaSO4 nanofilaments were obtained under an excess of Ba2+ with the same mole ratio to that of Li and Mann (2000). A plasma replica SEM revealed that the nanofilaments were formed exactly in the microemulsion. Further excess Ba2+ resulted in the formation of short rags and thick spirals rather than nanofilaments. In contrast, fine particles were formed under a shortage of Ba2+. By addition of excess Ba2+ to the microemulsion after the generation of the fine particles under a shortage of Ba2+, whisker-like rods were obtained. These results suggest a new mechanism for formation of the whisker-like rods through an anisotropic aggregation of the fine particles. Copyright © 2005 The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan. 关键词: Barium compounds;Crystal whiskers;Microemulsions;Nanostructured materials;Plasmas;Reaction kinetics;Anisotropy;Synthesis (chemical);Agglomeration;Scanning electron microscopy;Mole ratios;Nanofilaments;Whisker-like rods;Plasma replica