Preparation and thermoelectric properties of NaxCoO 2/Co3O4 layered nano-composi

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sodium 750 2005 Japan Co3O4

责任者: Zhu, Peixin;Takeuchi, Takahiro;Ohta, Hiromichi;Seo, Won-Seon;Koumoto, Kunihito 单位: CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Kawaguchi 332-0012, Japan 来源出处: Materials Transactions,2005,46(7):1453-1455 摘要: NaxCoO2/Co3O4 layered nano-composite was prepared through the exfoliation, stacking, and sintering processes. Although almost no electrical conduction was observed at low temperatures, a significant increase in conductivity was observed above 750 K, and it reached 1.2 × 102 Scm-1 at 1200 K, which is comparable to that of Na0.7CoO2. Seebeck coefficient also largely increased above 750 K. This observation might be associated with the electrical behaviors of Co3O4 at high temperature. © 2005 The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan. 关键词: Sodium compounds;Synthesis (chemical);Thermoelectricity;Nanostructured materials;Sintering;Electric conductance;Integration;Nano sheet;Sodium cobaltite;Thermoelectric properties;Exfoliation