The influence of the synthetic conditions of chemical vapor synthesis of the siz

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size chemical GaN nanoparticles Japan

责任者: Azuma, Yasushi;Shimada, Manabu;Okuyama, Kikuo 单位: Hiroshima Joint Research Center for Nanotechnology Particle Project, Japan Chemical Innovation Institute, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima 739-8530, Japan 来源出处: Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan,2005,38(7):516-519 摘要: During the synthetic process by chemical vapor synthesis, the influence of temperature and gas flow rate on the size of gallium nitride (GaN) nanoparticles was studied. The mean size of the narrow-dispersed GaN nanoparticles increased as the temperature rose to within a range between 800 and 1100°C. At 700°C, however, GaN nanoparticles were not produced. A faster gas flow resulted in a reduction in the particle size at the ammonia/trimethylgallium ratio of 2400 but not obvious at 1200. These findings can be explained as coagulation and sintering control regime and partially as nucleation frequency of GaN nanoparticles. Copyright © 2005 The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan. 关键词: Gallium nitride;Nanostructured materials;Particle size analysis;Synthesis (chemical);Chemical vapor deposition;Thermal effects;Flow of fluids;Composition effects;Ammonia;Gallium compounds;Nucleation;Semiconductor quantum dots;Chemical vapor synthesis;Synthetic conditions;Gas flow rate;Trimethylgallium