Nanostructured CdS/CdSSe glass composite for photonic application

2019-09-06 14:39:06

The optimized glass CdS CdSSe

责任者: Naik, S.D.;Apte, S.K.;Sonawane, R.S.;Mulik, U.P.;Kale, B.B. 单位: Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology, Panchawati, Pune 411 008, India 来源出处: Pramana - Journal of Physics,2005,65(4 SPEC ISS):707-712 摘要: The present work describes the synthesis of CdS/CdSSe glass nanocomposites and its characterization. A few glass compositions were optimized and the optimized host glass was remelted along with different semiconductors like CdS and CdSSe at high temperature. The CdS/CdSSe is present in amorphous state in the glass matrix. The thermal treatments have been carefully optimized to obtain well-defined uniform crystal growth of CdS and CdSSe. The glasses with optimized conditions were fabricated and characterized thoroughly using UV, TG/DTA and TEM. The shift in absorption edge to the longer wavelength with heat treatment implies the increase in the crystal size. The band gap has been increased with decrease in the particle size. Crystal size of semiconductors obtained by TEM was 2.5-5 nm for the glass showing absorption edge cut-off at 475 nm (CM-475). © Indian Academy of Sciences. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Semiconducting glass;Cadmium sulfide;Characterization;Semiconductor materials;Heat treatment;Nanotechnology;Transmission electron microscopy;Ultraviolet radiation;Crystal structure;Nanocrystals;Photonics