Effect of reduced selectivity of contacts on the current-potential characteristi

2019-09-05 13:35:27

model solar potential characteristics contacts

责任者: Mora-Sero, Ivan;Bisquert, Juan 单位: Dept. de Cie. Experimentais, Universitat Jaume I, E-12080 Castello, Spain 来源出处: Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells,2005,85(1):51-62 摘要: Considering a simple configuration of a solar cell formed by a light-absorbing material sandwiched between two selective contacts, we explore the influence of a degraded selective contact on carrier collection by diffusion. Besides the well-known issue of surface recombination, we develop a new model in which carrier collection is reduced by a leakage at the contact, due to interfacial band gap states. This model shows that low-quality interfaces cause strong deviations from current-potential characteristics of the diode model, which relate to a significant reduction of the power output of the solar cell. © 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. 关键词: Solar cells;Light absorption;Diffusion;Photovoltaic effects;Fermi level;Energy conversion;Current voltage characteristics;Nanostructured materials;Mathematical models;Computer simulation;Selective contacts;Current-potential curves;Light-absorbing materials;Charge separation