Tunable luminescence from a silicon-rich oxide microresonator

2019-09-05 00:08:26

The based quantum silicon oxide

责任者: Hryciw, Aaron;Laforge, Joshua;Blois, Cindy;Glover, Megan;Meldrum, Al 单位: Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. T6G 2J1, Canada 来源出处: Advanced Materials,2005,17(7):845-849 摘要: The feasibility of silicon-rich oxide to be processed at temperatures compatible with silicon microelectronics was demonstrated. It was shown that the emission wavelength can be tuned throughout the visible spectrum and extended to the fiber-optic transparency windows in the near infrared. The approach covers most of the 0.4 to 1.6 μm wavelength range needed for silicon-based photonics. It produces the widest spectral tunability achieved for any single material, and presents an attractive silicon-based alternative to quantum dot for photonic applications. 关键词: Resonators;Oxides;Silicon;Luminescence;Tuning;Semiconductor quantum dots;Fiber optics;Quantum efficiency;Nanotechnology;Wavelengths;Distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR);Optical modes;Bulk silicon