Design of a spiral PFL based on Tesla

2019-08-26 01:01:36

wave inner spiral TESLA PFL

责任者: Pan, Yafeng;Song, Xiaoxin;Peng, Jianchang;Wang, Limin;Zhu, Xiaoxin;Zhang, Xibo;Li, Penghui 单位: Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology of China, Xian 710024, China 来源出处: Gaodianya Jishu/High Voltage Engineering,2005,31(9):47-49 摘要: This paper presents a compact periodically-pulsed high-voltage nanosecond pulse generator based on a spiral PFL charged by means of a built-in high coupling Tesla transformer. One spiral PFL with 20 cm outer conductor radius, 18 cm inner conductor and 60 spiral angle is designed. Transmission of transverse electromagnetic wave along the spiral PFL is analyzed by means of PIC software. Influence upon TEM wave transmission when Tesla inner core is pulled in is discussed. With 7.5 cm radius Tesla inner core, slow wave coefficient changes less, about 2.6, and flat-top fluctuate of output pulse is 10%. The simulation result shows that such pulse generator design is feasible from view of wave transmission. 关键词: ;