Energetics of Ge/Si(100) island formation: Role of strain-dependent surface ener

2019-08-21 14:18:18

energy strain surface energies dependent

责任者: Shklyaev, Oleg;Beck, Matthew J.;Asta, Mark D.;Miksis, Michael J.;Voorhees, Peter W. 单位: Northwestern University, Dept. of Engrg. Sci./Applied Math., Evanston, IL 60208, United States 来源出处: JOM,2004,56(11):122- 摘要: The energetics underlying formation of nanometer-scale, pyramid-shaped Ge islands in vapor-phase, thin-film growth on Si(100) have been calculated using a computational approach combining first-principles results for strain-dependent surface and interface energies with an analytical continuum analysis of the epitaxial elastic strain energy. The calculations point to pronounced effects associated with the strain dependence of surface energies. Island stability is found to be governed in large part by the reduction in the wetting-layer excess energy arising from the compressive strain in the vicinity of coherent islands. This strain leads to a substantial reduction in Ge(100) surface energy. The origin of the pronounced strain dependence of the surface energy will be discussed in terms of the nature of the rebonded surface reconstructions. 关键词: Interfacial energy;Semiconducting germanium;Semiconducting silicon;Strain;Nanostructured materials;Thin films;Film growth;Computational methods;Continuum mechanics;Vapor phase epitaxy;Wetting;Compressive stress;Surface structure;Strain dependent surface energies;Island formation;Analytical continuum analysis;Epitaxial elastic strain energy;Compressive strain