Tin- and titanium-oxygen nanostructures on the various hydr(oxides) surfaces

2019-08-14 18:00:52

point potential TiN nanostructures oxides

责任者: Bogdanova, N.F.;Shved, Yu.A.;Klebanov, A.V.;Zheldakov, I.L.;Ermakova, L.E.;Sidorova, M.P.;Savina, I.A. 单位: St. Petersburg State Univ., St.-Petersburg, Petrodvorets, 198504, Russian Federation 来源出处: Kolloidnyj Zhurnal,2004,66(4):469-476 摘要: Tin- and titanium-oxygen nanostructures were synthesized by molecular layer-by-layer deposition from the gaseous phase onto various substrates (SnO2, SiO2, AlOOH) using (in the course of synthesis) hydroxyl and methoxy surface groups. The electrokinetic (electrokinetic potential, isoelectric point) and adsorption (adsorption of potential-determining ions, the point of zero charge) properties of prepared composites were studied as a function of pH of NaCl background solutions. Synthesis conditions that make it possible to obtain (on the boehmite substrate) nanostructures with electrosurface characteristics similar to the properties of corresponding bulk oxides were determined. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;pH;Titanium oxides;Tin compounds;Solutions;Electric charge;Chemical vapor deposition;Adsorption;Tin oxide;Electrokinetic potential;Isoelectric point