Nanostructured and transparent polymer membranes with thermosensitivity for woun

2019-08-14 10:10:52

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责任者: Wang, Li-Shan;Chow, Pei-Yong;Tan, Darren Cherng-Wen;Zhang, Wei-De;Yang, Yi-Yan 单位: Inst. of Bioeng. and Nanotechnology, Nanos #04-01 Singapore 138669, Singapore 来源出处: Advanced Materials,2004,16(20):1790-1794 摘要: The polymerization of a bicontinuous microemulsion was used in order to fabricate thermosensitive, transparent, and nanostructured polymer membranes as an alternative to conventional wound dressing materials. Microemulsions are transparent liquid systems consisting of ternary mixtures of oil, water, and surfactants. They also exhibit water/oil continuous and bicontinuous structures, with typical equilibirum domain sizes ranging from about 10 to 100 nm. The membranes also showed temperature-dependent swelling behavior with increased water uptake at lower temperatures. The membranes were found to be effective for using in wound dressing or support for cell grafting, owing to their transparency, nanostructure and ability to sustain drug release. 关键词: Microemulsions;Polymeric membranes;Nanostructured materials;Patient treatment;Ternary systems;Surface active agents;Phase interfaces;Transparency;Thermal effects;Cells;Mixtures;Durability;Growth kinetics;Bicontinuous microemulsions;Thermosensitivity;Liquid systems;Cell grafting;Wound dressing