Effect of confinement on coil-globule transition

2019-08-14 10:07:48

The polymer transition physics shows

责任者: Mishra, P.K.;Kumar, Sanjay 单位: Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221 005, India 来源出处: Journal of Chemical Physics,2004,121(17):8642-8646 摘要: The equilibrium thermodynamic properties of a linear polymer chain confined to a space between two impenetrable walls (lines) at a distance D under various solvent conditions have been studied using series analysis and exact enumeration technique. We have calculated the end-to-end distance of polymer chain, which shows a nonmonotonic behavior with inter wall separation D. The density distribution profile shows a maxima at a particular value of (D =)D*. Around this D*, our results show that the collapse transition occurs at higher temperature as compared to its bulk value of 2d and 3d. The variation of θ-temperature with D shows a reentrance behavior. We also calculate the force of compression exerted by the walls (lines) on the polymer. © 2004 American Institute of Physics. 关键词: Polymers;Monomers;Thin films;Stabilization;Adsorption;Nanostructured materials;Thermodynamic properties;Monte Carlo methods;Nanopores;Enumeration technique;Coil-globule transition;Steric stabilization