Structural self-organization in a metallic heterogeneous system crystal-monolaye

2019-08-14 09:41:03

PD Ni component solid monolayer

责任者: Dmitriev, A.A.;Evteev, A.V.;Ievlev, V.M.;Kosilov, A.T. 单位: Voronezhskij GTU, Voronezh, Russian Federation 来源出处: Doklady Akademii Nauk,2004,396(3):328-331 摘要: In the framework of molecular dynamic modeling using multiparticle potentials calculated on the basis of submerged atom method, in the system Ni monolayer on (001) Pd singular surface it is shown that due to structural-morphologic transformations and diffusive exchange of locations between Ni and Pd atoms formed is the heterostructure: (001) Pd-monolayer of solid solution 75%Ni-25%Pd-monolayer of solid solution 79%Pd-21%Ni. Formation of two adjacent solid solutions monolayers allows their coherent conjugation via elastic deformation and explains pseudo-metamorphism of subnanometer-thickness films at large component dimensional misfit in initial heterostructure. 关键词: Heterojunctions;Thin films;Solid solutions;Palladium;Nickel;Nanostructured materials;Morphology;Molecular dynamics;Diffusion;Crystals;Calculations;Monolayers;Elastic deformation