Utilization of solid wastes of coke and by-product process

2019-08-14 09:09:27

process carbon mechanical activation wastes

责任者: Urakaev, F.Kh. 单位: NGU, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation 来源出处: Koks i Khimiya,2004,(8):29-34 摘要: Process of coal carbonization is considered. It is shown that solid wastes are formed in the process. They are can be utilized in mechanical-chemical reactor. Method of abrasive-reaction wear of steel material of the grinding bodies at the reactor can be applied. The method makes it possible to produce nanocomposite powders. The method allows specialists to utilize dust formed in process of coke oven gas cleaning from sulfur. Mechanical activation of carbon has been provided. Influence of the activation of SiO2-C system on cementite synthesis has been investigated. Opportunity for producing the composite based on cementite and carbon has been shown. 关键词: Coal byproducts;Waste utilization;Composition effects;Composite materials;Coke manufacture;Coal carbonization;Solid wastes;Nanocomposite powders;Mechanical activation