Mechanical behaviour of amorphous Mg-23.5Ni ribbons

2019-08-14 08:31:16

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责任者: Perez, P.;Garces, G.;Adeva, P. 单位: Ctro. Nac. de Invest. Metalurgicas, CSIC, 28040 Madrid, Spain 来源出处: Journal of Alloys and Compounds,2004,381(1-2):114-123 摘要: The tensile properties of amorphous Mg-23.5Ni (wt.%) ribbons in the temperature range 25-350°C were studied. The mechanical behaviour of the alloy can be divided into four different intervals depending on the test temperature. In the 25-125°C interval, the ribbons are brittle or exhibit small ductility. Between 138 and 150°C, a substantial increase in the yield stress takes place due to the crystallization of a metastable magnesium-rich phase. In the 175-250°C temperature range the material exhibits maximum elongations. In this interval the microstructure consists of a mixture of Mg, Mg2Ni and the metastable magnesium-rich phase. Variations in the volume fraction of these phases determine the mechanical properties of the alloy within this interval. Above 250°C, the equilibrium eutectic microstructure, consisting of Mg and Mg2Ni phases, is developed prior to the tensile test. © 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. 关键词: Magnesium alloys;Amorphous materials;Crystallization;Nanostructured materials;Ductility;Melt spinning;Tensile strength;Thermal effects;Volume fraction;Thermodynamic stability;Ribbons;Nanoquasicrystalline;Metallic structural materials;Magnesium based alloys