On the use of STM superconducting tips at very low temperatures

2019-08-14 08:17:44

scanning effects TIPS superconducting Josephson

责任者: Rodrigo, J.G.;Suderow, H.;Vieira, S. 单位: Laboratorio de Bajas Temperaturas, Depto. Fis. Materia C., Facultad de Ciencias, 28049 Madrid, Spain 来源出处: European Physical Journal B,2004,40(4):483-488 摘要: We report on high quality local tunnel spectroscopy measurements in superconductors using in-situ fabricated superconducting tips as counterelectrode. The experiments were made at very low temperatures using a dilution refrigerator and a 3He cryostat. Spectra obtained with superconducting tip and sample of Al show that the spectroscopic resolution of our set-up is of 15 μeV. Following the observation of Josephson current in tunnelling regime (with tips of Pb and of Al), we discuss the feasibility of Scanning Josephson Spectroscopy with atomic size resolution. Experiments showing new applications of these superconducting tips under applied external magnetic fields are also reported. 关键词: Superconducting materials;Superconductivity;Scanning tunneling microscopy;Low temperature effects;Refrigerators;Cryostats;Spectroscopic analysis;Josephson junction devices;Magnetic fields;Tunnel junctions;Transport properties;Magnetic properties;Nanoscale contacts;Josephson effects;Local tunnel spectroscopy;Josephson currents