Tailored conductivity behavior in nanocrystalline nickel ferrite

2019-08-14 08:05:04

The conductivity diffraction nickel NiFe2O4

责任者: Baruwati, Babita;Reddy, K. Madhusudan;Manorama, Sunkara V.;Singh, Rajnish K.;Parkash, Om 单位: Nanomaterials Laboratory, Indian Inst. of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad 500 007, India 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters,2004,85(14):2833-2835 摘要: The synthesis of nanosized NiFe2O4 with desired conductivity was analyzed. It was observed that the conductivity in the ferrite had a contribution from grains and grain boundaries. The activation energy values indicated conduction due to hopping of the carriers. The Results show that Ni3+ ions are present in p-type NiFe2O4. 关键词: Ferrites;Nickel compounds;Nanostructured materials;Electric conductivity;Synthesis (chemical);X ray diffraction analysis;Transmission electron microscopy;Solutions;pH effects;Thermoelectricity;Activation energy;X ray photoelectron spectroscopy;Positive ions;Electron diffraction;Nickel ferrites;Thermoelectric measurements;Selected area electron diffraction (SAED);Electron hopping