Nanocrystallization of FeCoZrB alloys studied by59Co nuclear magnetic resonance

2019-08-14 07:59:15

magnetic amorphous resonance annealing CoZr

责任者: Jedryka, E.;Wojcik, M.;Svec, P.;Skorvanek, I. 单位: Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 02 668 Warszawa, Poland 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters,2004,85(14):2884-2886 摘要: The structural modifications of Fe44.5Co44.5Zr 7B4 amorphous ribbon induced by heat treatment at 510 and 560°C were monitored by using 59Co nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. It was observed that within the amorphous matrix a preferential clustering of Co78Zr22- like local environments occurs, leading to the compositionally modulated structure. It was shown that the tendency for CoZr clustering leads to the lowered Co content in FeCo nanocrystals. The amorphous background becomes progressively less magnetic and a compositional contrast between the segregated CoZr environments, with increasing the annealing temperature. 关键词: Iron alloys;Nanostructured materials;Cobalt;Chemical modification;Annealing;Amorphous materials;Precipitation (chemical);Crystallization;Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy;Atomic configurations;Amorphous matrix;Annealing temperature