Prospects of electrostimulated rolling of metals

2019-08-14 07:39:14

The deformation rolling billet electrostimulat

责任者: Klimov, K.M.;Novikov, I.I. 单位: Inst. of Metal. and Mat. Sci., RAS, Moscow, 117334, Russian Federation 来源出处: Metally,2004,(3):45-51 摘要: The state of the art of electromagnetic action on metal deformation, including electrostimulated lengthwise rolling, is analyzed. The main physicotechnical features of the effect of a high-density (105 - 106A/cm2) electric current passing across a billet from roll to roll are discussed. It is experimentally shown that, upon electrostimulated rolling, the friction coefficient in the tool-billet contact zone can decrease down to zero. The erroneous concepts of the dominating role of electron wind on the real processes of plastic deformation in metals with high-density electric currents are analyzed. Possible ways of the development of electro-stimulated rolling to produce novel materials and products, including nanomaterials, are considered. 关键词: Rolling;Wire;Welds;Tungsten;Thermal effects;Plastic deformation;Order disorder transitions;Nanostructured materials;Molybdenum;Friction;Electric field effects;Contact zone;Thermal softening