Gold nano-antennas for increasing luminescence

2019-08-11 23:49:02

transfer nm Gold particles oxide

责任者: Louis, Cedric;Roux, Stephane;Ledoux, Gilles;Lemelle, Laurence;Gillet, Philippe;Tillement, Olivier;Perriat, Pascal 单位: Lab. Phys.-Chim. Mat. Luminescents, UMR 5620 CNRS, Universite Lyon 1, F-69622 Villeurbanne Cedex, France 来源出处: Advanced Materials,2004,16(23-24):2163-2166 摘要: The enhancement of luminescence resulting from an energy transfer between nanoscale particles was analyzed. Oxide colloids with the smallest possible size (3 nm) were used to obtain nanocomposites with the biggest gold/colloid interfaces. It was observed that 80% of the oxide particles were finally bound to gold, and the synthesized nanocomposite consisted of a gold core of around 15 nm surrounded by a 3 nm thick shell of oxide particles. The results show that the distance required for efficient energy transfer between gold and oxide must be smaller than 3 nm. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Luminescence;Antennas;Resonance;Fluorescence;Energy transfer;Semiconductor quantum dots;Ultraviolet radiation;Colloids;Biocompatibility;Grafting (chemical);Nanoscale particles;Gold clusters;Au-thiol bonding;Optical probes