Kohn anomalies and electron-phonon interactions in graphite

2019-08-10 18:57:51

The electron coupling phonon dispersions

责任者: Piscanec, S.;Lazzeri, M.;Mauri, Francesco;Ferrari, A.C.;Robertson, J. 单位: Cambridge University, Engineering Department, Cambridge CB2 1PZ, United Kingdom 来源出处: Physical Review Letters,2004,93(18):185503-1 摘要: The two Kohn anomalies at the γ-E2g and K-A1 modes were found in graphite of phonon dispersions. The anomalies were found using two sharp kinks and by an analytic derivation it was shown that the slope of these kinks was proportional to the square of the electron-phonon coupling. The electron-phonon coupling was derived directly at γ and K from the experimental phonon dispersions. The results give the limit of ballistic transport in carbon nanotubes. 关键词: Graphite;Phonons;Carbon nanotubes;Nanotechnology;Quantum theory;Vacuum;Electronic structure;Raman spectroscopy;Probability density function;Matrix algebra;Electron-phonon coupling (EPC);Phonon dispersions;Semimetallic character;Electronic levels