Effect of nanosized TiO2 powder on preparation and properties of Ag-based electr

2019-08-08 18:31:47

PD TiO2 electrode AG oxide

责任者: Jeong, Soon-Jong;Koh, Jung-Hyuk;Lee, Dong-Yoon;Lee, Jae-Seok;Ha, Mun-Su;Song, Jae-Sung;Kim, Myoung-H.O. 单位: Electric and Magnetic Devices Group, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Changwon, 641-120, South Korea 来源出处: International Journal of Nanoscience,2004,3(6):829-837 摘要: This study presents the synthesis of nano-oxide-added Ag/Pd powders and its properties tolerable at temperatures above 1100°C for an electrode material utilized in multilayer ceramic devices. The powders of xAg/yPd powder around core cell TiO2 were formed in a co-precipitation process of Ag and Pd in nano-oxide-dispersed solution, where Ag and Pd precursors are melted in HNO3 acid. Reaction between ceramic and electrode layers with nanoparticle oxide powder allows internal stress to reduce and mechanical bonding strength to increase due to anchor effect. The densification of the nano-oxide-added electrode paste followed the TiO2 solid state diffusion-controlled mechanism upon sintering process. The mechanical bonding strength and electrical conductivity were measured after sintering the electrode-printed sheets. As a result, very high adhesive strength over the piezoelectric ceramics fracture strength and good electrical conductivity of more than 104/Ωcm could be obtained in the multilayer ferroelectric structure which is a form of stacking ceramics layer and electrode layer containing nanoparticles. © World Scientific Publishing Company. 关键词: Titanium oxides;Silver;Powders;Electrodes;Nanostructured materials;Sintering;Adhesion;Electric conductivity;Piezoelectric devices;Reaction kinetics;Densification;TiO2 nanoparticles;Ag-Pd electrodes;Sintering adhesion;Oxide powders