Carbohydrate research and industry in Japan and the Japanese society of applied

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The glucose food starch Japan

责任者: Taniguchi, Hajime 单位: Chubu University, Kasugai, Aichi 487-8501, Japan 来源出处: Starch/Staerke,2004,56(1):1-5 摘要: The sub-10 fs photoinduced electron transfer from alizarin molecules to titania nanoparticles was simulated. The system provides a paradigm of the nanoscale coupling of organic and inorganic species. Remarkably, conduction was possible with photoexcitation below the conduction band and occurred by thermal activation. 关键词: Starch;Enzymes;Glucose;Food processing;Isomerization;Fructose;Chromatographic analysis;Potatoes;Glucoamylases;Food industry;Enzymatic isomerization;Glucose isomerase;Thermophilic alpha amylase;Jet cooking