Randomness and organization of the bio-nano-particles into the functional struct

2019-08-05 14:07:04

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责任者: Yamamoto, Kenji;Manabe, Noriyoshi 单位: International Medical Center of Japan, Tokyo, Japan 来源出处: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Japan,2004,53():111-114 摘要: Protein is a water soluble nano-particle and has the biological functions. Some protein has the activity of self-assembly; that is, this type of protein interacts each other and organizes a structure. These assembled proteins (super molecules) such as the bacterial flagella have another functions as a whole. We found that the randomness plays an important role both for the intra-molecular organization of protein into a functional structure and for the inter-molecular organization of proteins into a functional assembled super-molecules. With this study most of the proteins are suggested to have an activity of the organization into a particular super molecule. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Solubility;Proteins;Self assembly;Societies and institutions;Agglomeration;Quantum theory;Functional structure;Randomness;Bulk materials;Functional nanoparticles